QUEST Research Institute is one of a few multi-specialty, dedicated research sites in the Metro Detroit area. Founded on the desire to bring the local community access to new treatments following strict, FDA guidelines, QUEST has flourished and is now a Preferred Provider with several Pharmaceutical Sponsors and CRO’s. Our site includes ten investigators with extensive research experience in therapy areas such as Internal Medicine, Neurology, Rheumatology, Pain, Vaccines and Women’s Health. We offer an in-patient facility and experienced clinical staff to support specialization in complex, early phase clinical research in a variety of diseases, but also participate in later phase trials through Phase IV.

Prompt start-up, an experienced staff and strong recruitment and retention strategies are part of every trial we implement. Our tenured staff is educated on standard FDA requirements, respect for Volunteer’s Rights and ICH/GCP Guidelines. Each research study is carefully planned and conducted to accommodate sponsor expectations and deadlines, while never compromising patient care.

Our hope is to continue to offer the local community access to new medical technology and cutting edge research to improve medicine for all. If you are a person considering a research study, I urge you to see the page for Study Participants. If you are an industry person considering our site as a partner in your important project, please see our Site Offerings page to get a better view of our offerings. If you’d like an informational tour, please contact me.

Thank you for learning more about us! People like you are needed to improve the health of everyone and we are dedicated to improving health through research… one person at a time!

Dolly Niles
Executive Director
QUEST Research Institute