QUEST Research Institute is the first dedicated research center in Southeast Michigan to offer patients groundbreaking access to promising treatments and medications for a wide range of medical issues. Located in Farmington Hills, MI, QUEST is centrally located in the Detroit Metro area, only 5 miles from the nearest hospital, 30 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and close to major freeways.

Following strict safety guidelines, QUEST offers patients a caring and sensitive approach to medical care. The facility is warm and inviting and offers a safe environment for its patients. Care comes first as QUEST works collaboratively with area doctors and hospitals on a wide range of research services. With over twenty years of experience, QUEST has overseen the successful completion of over 400 Phase I-IV clinical protocols.

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  • Multi Specialty Trained Investigators
  • Protocol-Specific Source Documents
  • Dedicated Recruiter and 15,000 Patient Database
  • Proven Recruitment and Retention Techniques
  • Experienced in Numerous EDC and IVRS/IWRS Systems
  • 24-hour Temperature Monitoring
  • Rapid Query Resolution
  • 30 Minutes from Detroit Metro Airport
  • Access to all freeways and easy parking


  • MRI/EMG/EEG/LP Services
  • Kitchen with dietician for controlled meals
  • Semi-Private, In-Patient rooms with Private Bathroom
  • Patient Day Room/Cable/Wi-Fi
  • Large Pharmacy Equipped With Hood
  • -20/-70 Freezers/ Refrigerated Centrifuge, Micro Pipettes
  • 5 miles from Hospital with Level 1 Trauma Center
  • Private Monitoring Room with Wi-Fi and copier/fax